There are many car and limo companies in the area. What makes your service any different from theirs?
A deep knowledge of the area, qualified staff who speak English, experience in the field, attention to the requests of the client, and above all, the passion and feeling for this work; all of this makes get tours the best car and limo company in Tuscany and Umbria.

Where will I meet my driver at the airport?
Your driver will wait for you in the main arrivals hall. Once you have collected your luggage, you will come out in to the arrivals hall, where your driver will be waiting for you with a sign. If you cannot find him, we ask that you contact us, and in any case, you wait in the arrivals hall and do not go out of the airport. Considering the long time it takes to claim baggage, it may take you as long as 30/45 minutes to come out in to the arrivals hall.

How will I recognise my driver at the airport?
Your driver will display a sign, with written on it that which has been agreed in the email where the service has been confirmed as booked (usually your name).

What should I do if my flight lands early or late?  Also, if I am not on the flight or it is cancelled?
If your flight lands early, you can let us know direct. The drivers track the arrival flights in real time, and in any case always base this on the estimated arrival time. So, in the case of an early arrival, it could be that there is a short waiting time, so maybe have a coffee in the bar in the arrivals hall. In the case of a slight delay, the driver will be available in the airport, according to the standard arrival time. In the event of a significant delay, the driver tracks the flight in real time, and as far as possible will arrive at the airport at the new estimated arrival time (as long as the delay is forecast before the driver leaves for the airport). In both cases, if possible, we ask that you contact us, both for a delay in landing or for baggage arrival time or for baggage claim. If arrival is within one hour of the programmed time of arrival, there are no supplements for waiting time. For waiting time of more than one hour of the programmed arrival time, a supplement will be charged, based on each specific case. In the case that you do not take the programmed flight, or it is known that there will be a significant delay, or the flight is cancelled, you will need to advise us as soon as possible.  Non communication will represent a “No Show”, according to our terms of cancellation.

Should I take a telephone to Italy?
It is strongly advised; it can be of great assistance, not only if there is a need to contact us regarding our services, but also for your holiday in general.

How long does a transfer take from …… to …… ?
From Rome Fiumicino and the centre of Rome to southern Tuscany, approximately 120/180 minutes.
From Rome Fiumicino and the centre of Rome to the centre of Umbria, approximately 120/180 minutes.
From Florence airport or from the centre of Florence to southern Tuscany, approximately 80/120 minutes.
From Pisa airport to southern Tuscany, approximately 120/160 minutes.
From Milan centre to southern Tuscany, approximately 4/5 hours.
From Venice centre to southern Tuscany, approximately 4/5 hours.
From the Amalfi Coast to southern Tuscany, approximately 6 hours.

Can I modify my tour programme, combine them or ask for a new and different one?
Absolutely!!! Our tours are recommended based on our experience, but you can certainly modify them, taking note of our suggestions, or asking for something totally different. It is possible to ask to visit a specific winery or tourist attraction which we have not specified, but also combine them as best as possible, for example, combining a sightseeing tour with visits to wineries, or combining  one or two localities from our suggested tours, listed in two separate tours.  Modifications to tours can also be made during the course of the service, depending to the feasibility and any adjustment to price of the tour.

Are entry fees for monuments/museums, lunch and tastings included in the tour price?
No, all of these things, and all that is not expressly stated in the booking of the service, are not included in the prices. Tickets for museums and monuments often have to be purchased in advance, while tastings, meals, etc. can be paid direct.

Do I also need to book a guide for the tour?
While travelling in a car or minivan, your driver will be happy to give basic information and answer your questions, but European regulations only consent local certified guides (not even your tour escort) to accompany you in the historical centres, and to give explanations and information. For many tours we feel that a tourist guide can be superfluous, but for others instead, advisable (particularly for group travel on buses): in any case, this is your choice. In the case where you would like to have a guide, because of our experience and knowledge, we can advise and suggest excellent tour guides.

During a tour, where do I meet my driver after the visit?
Your driver will give you the necessary information (time and place to meet) when you arrive and stop at the designated location. Usually the meeting place is the same as where you have been dropped off. Your driver will, in any case, leave you a contact telephone number, so that you can contact him if necessary.

Are prices per person or for the vehicle?
Prices are for the vehicle and not per person.

Are tips for the driver included in prices?
No, tips for drivers are never included in the prices, and it is not obligatory for the client to give any extra compensation, but you can decide to do so, or not. In any case, our drivers are happy to give a good service, and it is good practice therefore that satisfied customers leave a tip.

Can we smoke, eat or drink inside the vehicle?
Smoking inside the vehicle is strictly forbidden. You can eat pre-packed food (snacks, etc.) and non-alcoholic drinks. If necessary you can ask your driver to stop at a designated area. In any case we ask that you do not damage the inside of the vehicle. In the case of any damage we will charge a fee as compensation for any damage caused.

How can I cancel or modify my booking?
Bookings can be cancelled or modified at any time, and this must be done exclusively by email (we do not accept cancellations or modifications by telephone).

What are the terms and conditions for cancellations?
No penalty will be charged for cancellations sent by email at least 30 days before the date of service booked.
A  penalty of 15% will be charged and deducted for cancellations sent by email from 10 to 29 days before the date of service booked.
Cancellations received by email from 9 days to 48 hours before the date of service booked will incur a penalty of 50%, which will be charged and deducted.
Cancellations sent by email within the last 48 hours of the service booked, or in the case of a NO SHOW, will incur a penalty of 100%, which will be charged and deducted.