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Truffle Hunt Gourmet Tour

Limousine Service with private driver in Sansepolcro and Città di Castello for an interesting tour.

Umbria, with its sweet hilly territory, is defined as the green heart of Italy, and in its lush and verdant forests grows the prized Umbrian truffle, an exceptional product which is able to amaze the palate of any gourmet or food lover. Your adventure to search for the precious tuber will start, arriving in the Upper Tiber valley, near to Città di Castello. You can enjoy this activity in the peace and tranquillity of an oak forest, accompanied and guided by expert pickers, and above all by their truffle hunting dogs, during which time you will learn the differences between the qualities of truffles and the ways to search for and collect them. By moving to a small company specializing in the processing of truffles, you will be introduced to the different methods of storage and processing, but above all you can participate in a lesson which will show you the best uses in cooking and tasting, followed then by a lunch with typical Umbrian dishes based on truffles. The tour eventually ends visiting the fascinating historical centres of the delightful Medieval villages of the Upper Tiber Valley (Sansepolcro, Anghiari, Monterchi, Umbertide) for a fun and pleasant day immersed in the nature and traditions of Umbrian cuisine.


Duration: approximately 8/9 hours

It is possible for the tour to leave from locations in Tuscany and Umbria, within the areas in which we operate (click here to view map) and, based on logistics, the specific programme can be modified.

We ask you to contact us for more details regarding the itinerary and costs.


Prestigious Umbrian Truffle: A very valuable product used in traditional Umbrian cooking, and central Italy in general. The valuable white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) is definitely the most valued. White in colour, and with sizes ranging from that of a walnut to an apple, it has a unique and unmistakable scent, which enhances the flavour. It lives in symbiosis, with plants such as poplar, willow and oak, and is particularly good eaten raw (better if on a hot dish) to enhance and appreciate its exceptional taste. The prized black truffle (Tuber Melonasporum Vittalini), a similar size to the white truffle, is black-purplish in colour, with an intense and prolonged perfume. It lends itself to short cooking times, and is great for using as fillings. We should also mention the less valuable, but at the same time flavourful and tasty, Scorzone Truffle (Tuber Aestivum).