Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Get Tours provides with formal terms and conditions, before booking a service.

Customers are requested to read and accept our “Terms and Conditions ” as below.




Booking the service, the customer accepts the services subject to the agreement.

Reservations must be required by email and accepted with a confirmation email from Get Tours.

Any extra requests or  changes to the booking must be required by email and cannot necessarily be complied by us. However, we will use all reasonable efforts to meet your amended requirements.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation must be confirmed by email and you may make it at any time, but unless differently specified during the booking process, the following penalties will be applied:


  • No penalty will be charged for cancellations sent by email at least 30 days before the date of service booked.
  • A penalty of 50% will be charged and deducted for cancellations sent by email from 15 to 29 days before the date of service booked.
  • Cancellations received by email from 14 days to 72 hours before the date of service booked will incur a penalty of 75%, which will be charged and deducted.
  • Cancellations sent by email within the last 72 hours of the service booked, or in the case of a NO SHOW, will incur a penalty of 100%, which will be charged and deducted.

Bookings can be cancelled or modified at any time, and this must be done exclusively by email (cancellations or modifications are not accepted by telephone).

In case of a cancellation before 72 hours, additional one-off fee of 50,00 € will be charged for cancellation procedures and paperwork.


Additional Information

Terms of payment are indicated in the confirmation of the booking sent to you by email. Extra compensation in accordance with our hourly and extra mileage rates may be required in case of extra hours or kilometers not contracted in the booking.

Tips for drivers are never included in the prices and it is not mandatory for the client to give any extra compensation, but you can decide to do so, or not. In any case, our drivers are happy to give a good service, and it is good practice therefore that satisfied customers leave a tip.

Smoking, eating and drinking alcoholic beverages inside our vehicles is strictly forbidden. We also ask to do not damage the inside and outside of our vehicles. In the case of any damage, we will charge a fee as compensation for any damage caused.