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Be a Local Tourist in Tuscany

Join local food festivals, taste the best street food walking the town markets, meet the locals for the summer sagras and feste paesane.


From handmade pasta to grilled bistecca, from mushrooms and truffles to the famous Porchetta. Taste the best of Tuscany like locals do.




  • Food festivals experiences
  • The best street food of the town markets
  • Meet the locals during the sagras and feste paesane





Live the authentic experience of sharing the table directly with the community of an Italian town, in a genuine atmosphere made of typical local regional culinary traditions, and of past folklore with rites, myths, ancient stories and legends.


Pasta festival, T-bone steak festival, wine festival, olive oil festival, mushroom festival, chestnut, artichoke, onion, polenta, truffle, wild board, asparagus, strawberry, potato, tomato, garlic and the list goes on… you have just to pick among a hundred options! If on the one hand the festivals offer the most simple and authentic culinary experience, walking the town markets, instead it is quite easy to come across the most original versions of the most famous Italian street food.


Eat like a local, drink like a local, have fun like a local, live like a local!

Details of the experience to be confirmed basing on the program and options.

Sagre e Feste Paesane: In Italy, a sagra (plural: sagre) is a local festival, very often involving food, and frequently historical pageants and religious holidays. A sagra is often dedicated to some specific local food, and the name of the sagra includes that food; for example: Sagra del Cinghiale (Wild boar festival). Among the most common sagre are those celebrating olive oil, wine, pasta and pastry of various kinds, chestnuts, and cheese.

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