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Umbria Tour in Spoleto, Spello and Montefalco

Guided day tour in Umbria with private limousine service and driver for visiting Spoleto, Spello and Montefalco.


Sightseeing daytrip in Spoleto, Spello and Montefalco with private transportation from Perugia, Assisi, Siena, Florence, Orvieto, Todi, Deruta, Bevagna, Cortona, Arezzo, Montepulciano, Pienza, Montalcino and from all Tuscany and Umbria.




  • Private daytrip in Umbria visiting Spoleto, Spello and Montefalco with private English speaking driver and transportation
  • Scenic itinerary through the beautiful Umbrian countryside
  • Learn all about the history of Spoleto, Spello and Montefalco and view the beautiful art and architecture
  • The best of these Umbrian hill towns strolling their charming streets and squares and enjoying amazing views of Umbria
  • Behind the scene: Sagrantino di Montefalco, one of the best wines of Umbria





Have a taste of Umbria with a guided day tour with private car service and English speaking driver visiting and exploring the wonderful and charming hill towns of Spoleto, Spello and Montefalco.


The tour in Umbria begins with Spoleto, a jewel representing at its best this gorgeous region, starting the visit from the ancient roman theater, where the famous Festival dei Due Mondi (Festival of the two worlds) takes place, passing by the stunning cathedral, an authentic masterpiece of the Romanesque art, and finishing at the massive fortress and at the tower bridge with beautiful views on the Umbrian countryside.


The full day excursion in Umbria continues in the lovely town of Spello, one of the most beautiful in Italy, exploring the ancient Roman ruins and splendid town gates, and finishing the visit strolling on the romantic narrow streets and discovering the small artisan ateliers and craft shops.


This area of Umbria is also very well known for the production of excellent extra vergin olive oil and cold cuts, for being one of the best places in Italy for truffle and for some of the finest Italian wines. The stop for lunch can be organized on a terrace with a beautiful view of the Umbrian landscape and it can include a wine & EVO oil tasting as well as a typical Umbrian menu with truffle, giving you a special insider view of the local products and cuisine.


After quick stop in the small charming village of Bevagna, the day tour in Umbria continues in Montefalco. Nicknamed as “the Balcony of Umbria”, the town is perched on a hilltop with stunning views over the surrounding olive groves and vineyards. In fact Montefalco is also famous for producing one of the greatest Umbrian and Italian wines, the Sagrantino di Montefalco Docg wine, and during your tour in Montefalco, there will be the possibility to visit the best wineries and taste finest Sagrantino wines.

Departure available from:

  • The day tour in Umbria visiting Spoleto, Spello and Montefalco is a private tour available from all Umbria and Tuscany: Perugia, Assisi, Orvieto, Todi, Siena, Florence, Cortona, Montepulciano, Pienza, Arezzo, Gubbio, Deruta, Bevagna, Trevi, Foligno.



  • approximately 8/9 hours



  • Qualified and professional English speaking driver
  • Luxury vehicle (Mercedes-Benz or equivalent)
  • Head office assistance and insurance coverage
  • Complimentary water
  • Wi-Fi on board
  • Local tour guide for walking tours (on request)
  • Traditional Umbrian lunch with wine and olive oil tasting (on request)
  • Winery visit and wine tasting (on request)

Spoleto: Located at the head of a large, broad valley, surrounded by mountains, Spoleto has long occupied a strategic geographical position. T.he first historical mention of Spoletium is the notice of the foundation of a colony there in 241 BC. Under the Lombards, Spoleto became the capital of an independent duchy, the Duchy of Spoleto (from 570), and in 774 it became part of the Holy Roman Empire. Several of its dukes, mainly during the late 9th Century, rose to wear the crown of that Empire.  In 1155 it was destroyed by Frederick Barbarossa. In 1213 it was definitively occupied by Pope Gregory IX. During the absence of the papal court in Avignon, it was prey to the struggles between Guelphs and Ghibellines, until in 1354 Cardinal Albornoz brought it once more under the authority of the Papal States. In 1860, after a gallant defence, Spoleto was taken by the troops fighting for the unification of Italy. The Festival dei Due Mondi (Festival of the Two Worlds), founded in 1958, has developed into one of the most important cultural manifestations in Italy, with a three-week schedule of music, theater and dance performances.

Do not miss! Roman theater, Festival dei due Mondi (Festival of the two worlds), Cathedral, Fortress, Tower Bridge, Mascherone Fountain.


Spello: Populated in ancient times by the Umbri, it became a Roman colony in the 1st century BC and during the Imperial Age, “Hispellum” enjoyed the favor of many emperors and it was a religious place of a great importance. It probably became a municipality around the 12th century, and like all Italian towns in the Middle Ages it was involved in battles against other cities such as Assisi (1293) and the Duchy of Spoleto (1298), and in the 14th century it was subjected to various families, like the Baglioni, Gian Galeazzo Visconti (1347-1402), Braccio Fortebraccio (1368-1424). More years of war followed, until, in the 16th century, Spello finally came under the dominion of the Church State until the Unification of Italy in 1861.

Do not miss! Porta Consolare (Gate), Porta di Venere (Gate), “Arch of Augustus” (Gate), Santa Maria Maggiore church and Pinturicchio frescos, Infiorate (Flowers festival).


Montefalco: The town has been actively settled since the times of the Umbri. It has been under the successive domination of the Romans, Lombards, being called Coccorone in the Middle Ages. In 1249 it was sacked by Frederick II, but was soon rebuilt with the modern name. from the 13th century it had been a free city state (comune) under the domination of local nobles and merchants, but later, as with many other Umbrian locales, the comune gave way to government by the Trinci family. In 1446 it fell under the rule of the Papal States where it remained until the unification of Italy in 1861. The town is also famous for its Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG wine. From 100% Sagrantino grapes, even today it is produced in two different types: dry and sweet. It has a minimum alcoholic strength of 13,00% and a minimum aging process of 30 months.

Do not miss! Saint Francis church, Palazzo Comunale (Town Hall).

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