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Food & Wine Tour in Assisi and Umbria

Guided food and wine experience in Umbria from Assisi discovering the authentic Umbrian cuisine and tasting the best wines, olive oil and food specialties of Umbria.


Private food and wine tour in Umbria with English speaking guide/driver and private transportation with car service from Assisi.




  • Private food and wine tour from Assisi with private driver and transportation
  • Scenic itinerary through the gorgeous Umbria region
  • Guided full day wine & food experience by an English speaking wine guide and food expert
  • How extra virgin olive oil is made and EVOO tasting
  • Winery visit in the Assisi wine region, private tastings and bespoke experiences with the local producers
  • Visit of a cheese maker’s farm tasting delicious cheeses
  • Enjoy a traditional Umbrian lunch and many authentic food specialties of Umbria





With a land of lush rolling hills, ancient medieval hamlets, fine wines, delectable cuisine and tasty food specialties, a food and wine tour in Umbria is an ideal experience during your stay in Assisi and in the region.


Your discovery of Umbria begins when your English-speaking private driver greets you at your accommodation, for then driving and guiding you during all the wine and food tour in Umbria.


Crossing the lovely Umbrian landscape, strewn with beautiful olive groves, first stop on schedule is for visiting an olive-press in the Assisi district. You will learn how extra virgin olive oil is made using the old millstone extraction method, for then having the chance to taste it with delicious bruschetta.


Morning will continue in a winery located on the slope of Assisi, where we will be welcomed in the cellar with a tour followed by a private wine tasting session, learning about their winemaking and aging methods, and comparing the aromas and taste of their best wines.


The program of the wine and food tour in Umbria then proceeds with a visit of a cheese maker. Visiting the farm and the dairy, you will be able to see all the cheese making phases, from the milking to the aging, for then taste the delicious cheeses accompanied with organic bread and wine.


Going up and down the Umbrian hills, it is time for lunch and a delicious lunch is waiting for you. Lunch will be based on traditional local dishes paired with excellent Umbrian wines, tasting traditional Umbrian salami, truffle and many other regional products, enjoying the food, the company and celebrating life together. Buon appetito!

Departure available from:

  • The food & wine tour in Assisi area and Umbria is a private experience with departure from Assisi, Perugia, Spello, Spoleto, Montefalco, Bevagna, Trevi, Foligno, Norcia, Trasimeno lake, Città della Pieve, Orvieto, Todi, Deruta, Gubbio, Città di Castello, Umbertide and from all the main locations of Umbria region.



  • approximately 8 hours



  • Qualified and professional English speaking driver
  • Luxury vehicle (Mercedes-Benz or equivalent)
  • Head office assistance and insurance coverage
  • Complimentary water
  • Wi-Fi on board
  • Food guide and wine expert
  • Extra virgin olive oil tasting
  • Winery visit and wine tastings
  • Cheese maker’s farm visit and cheese tastings
  • Traditional Umbrian lunch (vegetarian menu is also available)

Umbria Dop Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The cultivation of olives in ​​Umbria has very ancient origins, dating back to the Etruscan populations. Today, the production area of ​​Umbria DOP extra virgin olive oil includes the entire territory of the Umbria region, while the most cultivated varieties of olive trees admitted by the regulations are: Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo, San Felice, Rajo and Dolce Agocia. The fresh olive oil is bright green in color, which becomes yellow when mature. With a harmonious taste, fruity and acid free, the Umbrian blend of Evoo has a well-rounded taste and a fragrant aroma; it is a very eclectic olive oil, ideal for seasoning and enhancing simple food but also dishes with a strong flavor. It makes a healthy and exceptional seasoning because of its digestibility and nutritional contributions.


Umbria Wine Regions: Located in central Italy, is a region of lush rolling hills, hilltop villages and iconic, historic towns. Umbria is well known for its white wine production. Trebbiano (also named Procanico in Umbria) and Grechetto are the most prominent white varieties, both in blend in the Orvieto DOC, the region’s largest appellation, even if the most valued white variety produced in Umbria is Trebbiano Spoletino, cultivated especially in the hills of Spoleto, Montefalco and Todi. Although well-known for its whites, Umbria’s two top DOCG appellations are for red wines. The native red grape Sagrantino has gained prominence in Montefalco area, creating wines of great depth, structure and power and receiving the Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG status on 1992. Sangiovese is the region’s most planted grape variety, and it is the principal grape of the second Umbrian DOCG wine: Torgiano Rosso Riserva. There are also 11 DOC and 6 IGT appellations especially concentrated in the central hills (Colli Martani) of the region, near the western border with Tuscany and around the Trasimeno Lake, where one of the most popular variety cultivated is Gamay del Trasimeno (Grenache).


Umbrian Food Specialties: produced from sheep’s milk, Umbrian pecorino cheese is a soft, semi-hard and aged cheese produced in all the territory of the region. Norcia is one of the most important towns of Umbria regarding the food products and it is well-known for its Prosciutto di Norcia IGP and for all its charcuterie. It also gives the origin and the name to one of the most famous Italian cooking recipe: Pasta alla Norcina. Umbrian Truffles, white and Black, are considered very precious and some of the best food products of the region; their territory of origin and their environment are generally the woods of the Apennines mountains, near the eastern border with Le Marche. Legumes (Lenticchie e Cicerchie di Colfiorito, Fagiolina del Trasimeno) are produced in many of the districts and they are the main ingredients of the Umbrian Legumes Soup. Crescia di Gubbio, also named Torta al Testo, is one of the best known and most appreciated flat bread: origins are very remote and the dough is obtained by kneading very simple ingredients by hand: flour, water, salt; it is traditionally cooked on the Testo, a stone or iron disc placed directly on the embers of the fireplace. Other well reputated Umbrian specialties are: Cipolla di Cannara (onion from Cannara), Anguilla e Persico Reale del Trasimeno (eel and perch from Trasimeno lake), Patata rossa di Colfiorito, Torta al Formaggio (Easter Umbrian bread with cheese), and Umbricelli (pasta).

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